Friday, January 8, 2010

Making and Measuring the Business Case for Social Media Marketing in 2010

Social media marketing is here to stay and, is gaining ground these days. The New Year will see a continuing increase in the use of social media marketing tactics and strategies. One of the frequent questions I hear about social media marketing from a variety of sources is how do you measure its effectiveness?

Demand Metric has developed several tools designed to do exactly this. Whether you are a marketing person trying to develop a business case to implement or expand your social media strategy, a business owner attempting to put together a RFP for social media consulting or, a marketing executive trying to develop a job description for a social media marketing manager, they have developed the time saving tools specifically for you.

 I really like the Social Media Readiness Assessment. It is an already prepared Excel spreadsheet with five tabs, instructions, weighting, self assessment, results and, recommendations. The formula’s are built in so that all you have to do is put in your evaluations on a scale of 1-5 and it will flow from tab to tab. It makes a series of statements like;” Senior Management is interested in leveraging Social Media as a new marketing channel.” You then can score that statement on the 1-5 scale 1 being strongly disagree to 5 being strongly agree. The recommendation tab gives actionable solutions to improving the score in a specific area. For example, if senior management is found to be not interested in leveraging social media then the recommendation is to “obtain survey results to help analyze senior management’s lack of social media sponsorship.”

The following is a list of the types of social media metric tools that they have available:
  • Social Media Business Case Template
  • Social Media Channel Map
  • Social Media Posting Schedule
  • Social Media Strategy Scorecard
  • Social Media Policy and Guidelines Template
They have more than these few and they also have how to guides and other templates.

These templates are another indication of the growing interest in social media marketing within all businesses today. I know that these templates and tools are developed because one of their clients had a need for it. This points to the fact that more and more companies are pursuing social media marketing. Once the templates are built, they can be rebranded and used by a variety of companies. These templates are available for a reasonably priced annual subscription and member clients have access to all of the templates and tools they have developed and the number is well over 250 and growing.
I appreciate any comments or questions so feel free to interact or email me. I will get back to you for sure.


  1. I am a real estate and have a website on page one for a number of key words on google. Have been doing SEO for a little over 4 years and blogging for 2.5 years. My agency is stating that I have to do more social media Note, the social media demographic following me are realtors and people who are not my targeted demographic. Does google notice this and should I continue? Does social media help my SEO?

  2. Hi Sheldon,
    You make a valid point...sometimes it seems like I am preaching to the choir on my blog. I checked out your blog and it looks like the articles are geared toward the home buyer. I think that blogging can have a great effect as far as establishing your authority even if it does not generate a lot of traffic.

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